Café Zest Loyalty Card 

What are the terms and conditions of the loyalty card?

All members must register their Loyalty Cards in Café Zest to activate the use of rewards on their card

Café Zest Loyalty Card members must be 18 years old and over excluding any person eligible for House of Fraser staff discount

A card can only be registered to an individual member for personal use only and is limited to one active card per member at one time

To qualify for points, please present your Café Zest Loyalty Card at the point of purchase

The Café Zest Loyalty Card is no way affiliated with the House of Fraser Recognition Rewards Card. This Loyalty card can only be used in Café Zest, House of Fraser Dundrum at present. It cannot be used in any other House of Fraser Café or Restaurant

Points cannot be redeemed unless your loyalty card has been registered

Point cannot be exchanged for cash

Receive 5 points for every €1 spent

100 points receive a free regular tea/coffee

300 points receive a free glass of wine

500 points receive a free dessert

1000 points receive a free lunch item from our lunch menu

Rewards that have been redeemed cannot be used again

Once you have redeemed your choice of reward the points will then be deducted from your Café Zest Loyalty Card

Points are personal to an account and its member and cannot be transferred or combined with another to redeem a reward

Café Zest Loyalty Cards are our property and must be returned to us on request or destroyed when no longer valid for use.

The member is responsible for the security of their card

If a card is lost or stolen please see staff in-store so they can cancel and re-issue a new Café Zest Loyalty Card

Points cannot be collected, nor can Rewards be redeemed, on the following items: Gift Vouchers, Gift Cards

We reserve the right to amend or terminate Reward Programme or these Terms at Our sole discretion at any time, with or without notice

Members are unable to use their ROI card in the UK

Points can be added to a card up to 7 days post purchase in store showing the original receipt

Members cannot add money to theirs card; it is a promotional card and not a cheques guarantee, credit or debit card

We cannot be responsible for any unauthorised use of points

We reserve the right to make changes to these rules at any time. Any changes can be found on-line at

The information you give Café Zest will be used for promotional purposes only if you have agreed on registration form. It will not be given to third parties and is protected under the Data Protection Act 1988 and amended 2003.